Endunamoo School Of Accounting

Welcome to Endunamoo School of Accounting. Endunamoo is a private tuition provider of face to face and online support courses for BCTA, CTA distance learning (CTA Level 1 and CTA Level 2), CTA Revision and CTA Supplementary courses. All our courses are designed with the primary objective of ensuring that your dream of being a CA(SA) is a reality.

Our courses include comprehensive lecture and tutorial programmes, flexible timetable to cater for the working class, well-structured course materials and mock examinations aligned to the approach and principles covered for your registered courses. All our courses are aimed at ensuring that our candidates are adequately prepared to effectively handle all their tutorial letters, tests and examinations.

The main courses offered by Endunamoo include:

CTA Support Course

An intensive lecture and tutorial programme for CTA Level 1 and 2 candidates

CTA Revision Course

A test and examination programme for CTA Level 1 and 2 candidates

BCTA Course

A lecture and tutorial programme 3rd year, Advanced Diploma / BCTA candidates

CIMA Conversion Course

A CTA and ITC integrated programme for CGMA professionals sitting for ITC

Our philosophy is that Endunamoo is a response to a need. As a result, all our courses and their supporting elements are geared towards responding to their needs of our full time and working CTA candidates. To that effect, Endunamoo provides more than academic support – we also have a personal touch to our academic offering through our hands-on team that always looks after the interests of our candidates during the tough times in the programmes.

We invite you to entrust us with your dreams and register for our professional courses. We look forward to serving you.