Endunamoo v. (en-doo-nam-o’-o)

1. to be strong, endue with strength, strengthen;
2. to receive strength, be strengthened

In classical Greek, it means to strengthen someone, to empower someone

Our name, as inspired by the very individuals we aim to serve, captures the fundamental principle of which the School of Accounting is founded on, being what we aim to achieve with each and every interaction with our candidates, partners and alumni.

What we do

Endunamoo School of Accounting recognises that there is a great need for academic support and also for additional assistance in mentoring candidates in pursuance of the accounting and/or finance related professional qualifications.

Endunamoo School of Accounting is fundamentally a response to that need.

We are a lecturing, tutoring and training organisation that was established to assist candidates in pursuance of accounting and finance professional qualifications through the provision of

  • A resident university experience to distance learning students
  • Tutorial programme for candidates sitting for professional exams
  • Training simulation programmes for trainee accountants

We offer support programmes to candidates studying for the Certificate in Theory of Accounting (CTA) through UNISA as well as board courses to candidates preparing for the January ITC Board Examinations.


Endunamoo Comprehensive CTA 2017
Endunamoo CTA Weekender 2017
Accelerated Revision Course 2017
Endunamoo CTA Revision Course
Endunamoo Supplementary Support
Endunamoo Board Course 2017
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