Welcome To Endunamoo

Endunamoo is a private tuition provider of face to face and online accounting courses. Its programmes are delivered under three distinctive brands: Endunamoo School of Accounting, Endunamoo Board Course and Endunamoo Professional Course.

Endunamoo Professional Course, which is the first black owned and professionally run SAICA accredited APC professional programme provider, offers a suite of professional courses to candidates expecting to sit for the APC assessment. Endunamoo School of Accounting provides support courses to BCTA, CTA L1 and L2 and CIMA2CA(SA) conversion candidates while the Endunamoo Board Course provides ITC preparatory courses. All our courses are designed with the primary objective of ensuring that our candidates’ dream of being a CA(SA) is a reality.

All our courses are pitched at a foundational level to ensure that our candidates understand the fundamental concepts and principles for various disciplines / modules / topics. We strongly believe that with the relevant foundations and professional guidance, our candidates are able to develop the required competencies and apply the taught principles in simple and complex scenarios both under examination conditions and in the working environment.

The main courses offered by Endunamoo include:

BCTA Courses

A lecture and revision-based programme 3rd year, Advanced Diploma / BCTA candidates

CTA Courses

An intensive lecture and tutorial programme for CTA Level 1 and 2 candidates

ITC Courses

A repeaters and preparatory courses for candidates sitting for ITC

APC Programme

A professional programme for candidates sitting for the APC assessment

Our philosophy is that Endunamoo is a response to a need and this attitude propels us to consistently pursue a ‘candidate-centric’ approach. All our courses and their supporting elements are geared towards responding to the needs of our full time and working candidates. To that effect, Endunamoo provides more than academic support – we also have a personal touch to our academic offering through our mentorship programme and caretaking team that always looks after the interests of our candidates throughout the programme.

We invite you to entrust us with your dreams and register for our professional courses. We look forward to serving you.