Anthea Kainda

Anthea Kainda

1. Tell us about your ITC / CTA journey

I started my ITC in March 2019 after receiving my CTA Supplementary results from UNISA. I was delighted about my CTA pass, and ready to conquer the next milestone in my CA(SA) journey. I registered for the June 2019 ITC exam, but I was also expecting my little bundle of joy due in May 2019, just one month before my exam. Due to fatigue and expected pressures in the board course, I was unsuccessful in my first attempt. I then decided to register for the repeaters course at Endunamoo, making sure that I submit all my tutorials and assessments. On the day of the exam, I made sure that I attempt each question and stick to the time allocated. Hard work and perseverance paid off the second time around, and ITC was conquered.

  1. Tell us about your experience with Endunamoo

I have never met lecturers as passionate as the Endunamoo Team. They were always available over WhatsApp or email, which was of great help. I also received tremendous support from the rest of the admin team, especially the caretakers who were continuously checking on how I was coping in the programme. The team really shows that it has your best interest at heart. I was only registered with Endunamoo for ITC but was given access to the CTA material and lecture videos as well. I believe that I would not have passed if I had not followed the exam techniques and invaluable comments on all my assessments.

  1. Advice to future candidates

If you want to pass, follow the programme and advice of the lecturers. Attend lectures or listen to the recorded sessions if you cannot attend, because it is there where you will pick up great tips. Do the questions you receive under exam conditions, mark yourself and do not feel defeated even if you get 30% or less. Make sure that at least one month prior to the exam day, you have a plan of what questions you will do, then adjust the plan where necessary. On the day of the exam make sure that you have a positive attitude and remain