BCTA Support Course

The BCTA Support Course is an online only support programme designed for candidates registered for any of the following courses:

  • Semester modules: AUE3701, AUE3702, FAC3701, FAC3702, FAC3703, FAC3704, MAC3701, MAC702, TAX3701 and/or TAX3702; and
  • Annual modules: AUE3761, FAC3761, FAC3762, MAC3761 and TAX3761.

The BCTA Support Course is structured in a highly effective manner to ensure that it provides prospective candidates with the fundamentals required for a successful attempt in BCTA as well as to provide a concrete foundation for CTA.

The BCTA Support Course concludes with a revision programme. The revision programme is tutorial based programme focusing on working through and discussing three (3) past examination papers with primary objective of developing effective exam techniques to seal your success in the final examinations. The BCTA revision programme is therefore not considered and offered as a separate course.

Benefits of the BCTA Support Course

Candidates registered for the BCTA Programme benefit from:

  • An online only programme to help to manage workload
  • Access to quality, well-structured and exam-focused notes
  • Access to our campus 24/7 for studies with FREE WIFI access
  • Comprehensive lecture programme focusing on basic principles
  • Online support via email and WhatsApp groups
  • Strong focus on exam technique development
  • Free supplementary support, via videos


The online only programme is delivered via screen recordings that are periodically released every week throughout the academic period. The detailed schedule is available for download as from 31 January 2020 from the student portal. Please register a FREE account to access the timetable on our student portal.


Registration for BCTA Support Course 2020 opens on Sunday, 1 December 2019 and runs throughout the 2020 academic year. The registration into the BCTA revision programme for 1st semester modules only opens on 15 April 2020 while the registration into the BCTA revision programme for the annual module only opens on 1 September 2020.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee applicable for the BCTA Support Course are as follows:

Gross Tuition Semester modules Annual modules
  Before 15 September 2020 After 15 September 2020 Before 1 September 2020 After 1 September 2020
1 module R1 000 R600 R2 000 R1 000
2 modules R1 800 R1 200 R3 600 R2 000
3 modules R2 700 R1 800 R5 400 R3 000
4 modules R3 600 R2 400 R7 200 R4 000
5 modules R4 500 R3 000 R9 000 R5 000

Discounts, terms and conditions

  • Early settlement candidates: A candidate that settles their account on their first payment after registration into the programme or after module(s) addition would be entitled to a 10% discount on the net tuition (i.e. the tuition after taking into account the BeyondBlackFriday discount of 10%. In other words, the early settlement would apply to 90% of the gross tuition in this case).
  • Payment options – BCTA Support Course: Otherwise, candidates have an option to settle their tuition based on our flexible payment options. Based on these options, (1) a candidate that registers for the first semester programme will have until 30 April 2020 to settle their account, (2) a candidate that registers for the second semester programme will have until 30 September 2020 to settle their account, and (3) a candidate that registers for the annual programme will have until 30 September 2020 to settle their account. The deadline of either 30 April 2020 or 30 September 2020 are applicable regardless of the date of registration. A minimum registration fee of 25% of the total tuition amount is applicable for all registrations should a candidate opt for any of the payment options available – this will be considered to be the first payment and it would be deducted from the candidate’s total tuition account.
  • Payment options – BCTA Revision Programme: 50% of the total tuition amount is required upon registration and the balance is payable at the earlier of (i) 30 days after registration and (ii) five days before the scheduled examination.
  • Other terms and conditions: No apportionment of fees is applicable for late registrations other than specifically indicated for the revision programme. Online access is granted within 24 hours after we receive proof of payment. All candidates are entitled to receive printed notes, however it is the responsibility of the candidate to collect the notes from campus. If a candidate is unable to collect the printed notes (e.g. because they are not based in Gauteng or due to work commitments), the notes can be couriered anywhere in South Africa at a cost of R150 per delivery (this is to be paid in advance prior to delivery). Overdue accounts will result in suspension of online access to the student portal unless outstanding payment is received within 48 hours after the due date. Access to be online material would be immediately revoked after the examination date. Candidates who provide confirmation that they have been granted a supplementary opportunity for the examination sitting to which their registration entails would have their profiles reactivated at no additional cost. All fees paid to Endunamoo are non-refundable – it is therefore recommended to visit the demo videos in order to ensure that you would benefit from the programme prior to making payment to Endunamoo.
  • The Endunamoo BCTA Support Course is not accredited by SAICA nor associated with any distance learning institution. Although it specifically supports candidates registered with the University of South Africa (“UNISA”), we confirm that we are not affiliated, nor licenses nor accredited by the institution to deliver such a support course. Candidates are not required by UNISA to register with us and candidates that do so, they do it at their own discretion and having a full understanding that it is to increase their chances of success and develop themselves for further studies.
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