Thenjiwe Shazi

Tell us about your ITC / CTA journey

I started CTA level 1 and passed in 2015. In 2016 I went to level 2 but failed. I repeated in 2017 with a high determination to pass as a lot was at stake. My job was on the line and I had given birth at the beginning of the year, but still I failed. I remember when I saw my results, I felt like it was the end of the world. The thought of having to tell my parents that I will be coming back home as I had lost my job shuttered me. Beginning of 2018 I was not sure if I should register because I was no longer required to study by an employer, but I knew I still wanted to be a CA, so I registered. I finally passed after writing Supplementary exams in Jan 2019. I wrote ITC June 2019 and failed, which was a bit surprising because I thought I had passed.


  1. Tell us about your experience with Endunamoo

When I joined Endunamoo, I already knew my weaknesses, so they really assisted me with acquiring exam technique, and focusing on the technicality of the topics scoped in by SAICA. Endunamoo makes sure you understand topics from basics to integration level. Furthermore, I was quite impressed by how easy it was to communicate with lectures. They would go beyond the question asked to make sure that you understand clearly. I went to my exam with confidence.


  1. Advice to future candidates

Follow the schedule/ timetable. Practice a lot but prioritize quality over quantity. You need to be honest with yourself. Identify areas you lack on and address them. On the day of the exam, be positive and tell yourself you are going to pass. Your brain will support you in fighting for a pass.

Nomusa Masuku

  1. Tell us about your ITC/CTA journey

The toughest journey of my life was CTA, but Endunamoo made it bearable. During CTA, I caught up with Endunamoo at the very last minute, exam revision time. As short as the time spent with them was, it was a critical time. Albeit I passed my CTA. I then attended their board course for ITC after I failed my first attempt, and the personal touch they have is exactly what a person needs to take along with that heavy trolley to the exam. There is something about the way Endunamoo teaches – you become open minded; you start analysing questions the way you are supposed to and more. My journey was a great one in all the exams I wrote. I wrote with confidence, understanding exactly what is required from me. My answers were more structured and superbly detailed compared to my first attempt. I learnt the hard way that a structured approach, good time management and good preparation gets you through and it is true. I loved the script review! It is the best initiative that Endunamoo has for repeat students, taking the time to identify and rectify all your shortfalls. The tutorials, mock exams and question banks prepared are more than sufficient to ensure one is well equipped come exam time. It seems a lot, but it is worth it. The marking and feedback given is great for the development of the individual (me ☺). I am glad they offer EPC now for APC, because they are the kind of backing I need to reach the destination of my CA/SA journey.

  1. Tell us about your experience with Endunamoo

Reflecting on my experience with Endunamoo just brings tears to my eyes. With Endunamoo, it is more than just the numbers, they invest in people. They definitely live up to their name: “to be strong; to empower someone”. The support they provide to their students/candidates, from admin right to the lecturers is tremendous. I kept going because they kept going, their support kept me motivated at all times. I could not let myself down because the entire Endunamoo team just does not give up on you. The team unleashes your potential that you never thought you had. Some of the beautiful answers I wrote in my scripts, I could not believe that was all me hahaha. The support is felt even in the exam room. Endunamoo has unleashed my potential of wanting to go for more out there, do more as a professional and they have cemented critical skills embedded in me. I recommend Endunamoo as a study support to everyone, this will be a great investment for yourself, as it was for me.

  1. Advice to future candidates

If you can think it, you can do it. It is very important to believe in yourself, you owe it to yourself. Thorough preparation and consistency is key because it builds your confidence. Prepare well by investing the time, be consistent, positive and give it your best shot. You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. This CA(SA) journey is yours and yours alone.  Therefore, keep going whatever the outcome. YOU WILL MAKE IT! Believe me, I know.

Mathapelo Kalaote

1.     Tell us about your ITC / CTA journey

I started my undergraduate degree a few years after completing matric as I started pursuing a different career immediately after matric. Deciding to pursue the Chartered Accountancy profession seemed right and very organic given my exposure to accounting in high school. I fell off the CA stream at the end of my second year (I honestly could have tried harder to remain in the CA stream). I proceeded to graduating with a non-CA stream Accounting degree. I had a bursary and had to honour my obligation after obtaining my degree as the company was not funding Postgraduate studies. I registered for BCTA at UJ in my first year of my finance graduate programme. I had to repeat BCTA the following year and finished the year off with a supplementary exam for one module. The supplementary exam was a few days before my wedding and even though I convinced myself that I was preparing for the exam I was overwhelmed with excitement and last-minute preparations. I ended up failing my supplementary exam. I then registered for CTA at Monash the following year which I was enrolled to complete over two years with the option of converting to one year if my mid-year marks were satisfactory. During the second round of tests, I fell terribly ill and could not write two out of the four tests. This was when I found out that I was pregnant, and I decided to deregister and try again the following year. I tried registering the following year but did not get accepted into the course as Monash had applied stricter entry requirements. That was a blessing in disguise as I took a break to spend time with my bundle of joy. The following year I applied at Unisa and got accepted for Level 2, I made a conscious decision not to register for any support classes as this would have been too demanding as I had to also devote time to my demanding job, infant and husband. My CTA year was emotionally challenging. I honestly got through it by God’s grace. I had a supplementary exam for Groups and managed to pass it. I wrote the 2019 June ITC and honestly thought I’d pass. I was devastated when I received the “We regret to inform you…” SAICA message. I immediately felt incompetent and that stripped away most of my confidence. I then decided to register with Endunamoo for the January 2020 ITC and that was the best decision of my life. I realised that I had a few knowledgeable gaps and they assisted in helping me bridge those. They also helped instil that confidence that was gone.

2.     Tell us about your experience with Endunamoo

I knew I had to trust the process and do what they said we must do. I took it upon myself to also draw inspiration and encouragement from past Endunamoo candidates who had managed to pass their ITC and ensured that I’m plugged into the student community at Endunamoo. Encouragement and support were essential, but most importantly, faith is what got me through the toughest times. Consistency is key.

3.     Advice to future candidates

Endunamoo has truly been a gift because they are set apart in the way they approach their programmes. They have the passion and heart for developing others and provide us with quality lecturers and excellent learning tools to reach our potential. With Endunamoo, you are in safe hands. It was an easy decision to trust them with my APC journey.

Liso Mhlandeni

Tell us about your ITC/CTA journey

Doing ITC with Endunamoo was an easy choice as I did CTA with them. After passing 4 modules in the 2018 final exams, I got a supplementary for FAC 4863; I had expected this as my performance in the exam was not so good. I picked myself up and wrote the sup in January and to my disappointment, I failed the supp. This was my third attempt, but I had to pick myself up and register again for the fourth time. In my 2019 academic year, someone advised me to get my script remarked. Before I could write Test 4, I got my remark back saying I had passed FAC4863 and I did not need to continue with the 2019 academic year which was wonderful for me as I was extremely drained with work.


  1. Tell us about your experience with Endunamoo

My experience with Endunamoo was one of the most valuable experiences in my life; the teaching passion from the Lecturers makes the learning very much easy. I have always maintained that the only way to master an exam technique is through a lot of practice, and Endunamoo does a sterling job at this through the preparatory tests and the subsequent test reviews, which allows candidates to reflect on themselves and how they can improve and master their exam technique. I believe this is the only way to conquer exams. Further-on, the accessibility of the lecturers whenever you need them to assist you is one of the successful techniques that Endunamoo prides itself in and as such, I am very much grateful for this. The passion Endunamoo has to change students’ lives goes beyond as they have also opened their campus to their students whenever they need to study. This makes studying easier as studying at home for some people can be a major challenge, especially during exam time.


  1. Advice to future candidates

My advice to future candidates is to believe in yourself as this will make learning much easier and interesting. Amongst other things, the following are one of the few strategies you can apply as an aid to your success:

  1. Take some time just to organise your material before studying (maybe 3 days or so), nothing is more frustrating as having your study material all over or worse, not even finding it.
  2. Know your strengths and weaknesses in all modules. This will help you to be very efficient in your studying as you will know the arear of focus.
  3. DO NOT spot; study everything
  4. Practice questions under strict exam technique as this will help you with concentration, time management and exam pressure
  5. Please try and not change study times. I know I cannot study during the night. I prefer the day. If your system is working, there is no need to change it.

Lerato Seale

  1. Tell us about your ITC/CTA journey


I heard about Endunamoo for the first time in 2019 when I attended an induction at SNG Grant Thornton Pretoria, where they presented their services. I did not enrol as I could not afford it, but I qualified to be part of the bootcamp programme provided by Endunamoo. The bootcamp really enlightened me and gave me a deeper understanding of some of the topics I thought I understood very well. I was given materials that made UNISA’s exams a walk in the park. The material received was very comprehensive and understandable. The practice exams prepared me for my final exams, and the lecturers were patient and explained topics clearly – those were the best classes.  I passed my exams 1st attempt and did not have any supplementary exam. So, I decided to enrol with Endunamoo again for ITC. I remember very well the MAC question I saw in the ITC exam that we addressed during classes. I could picture Rendani explaining that question himself. Basically, what I learnt in ITC was how to structure my answers and exam technique. I passed my ITC 1st attempt as well. What still amazes me even today is the fact that my CTA level 2 results are way better than level 1 results, which is meant to be the opposite as level 1 is considered easier than level 2. I studied level 1 by myself and level 2 exam preparations with Endunamoo – that’s how great they are!



  1. Tell us about your experience with Endunamoo


Endunamoo is an amazing institution with great lecturers and the best structure for revision. I really loved the practice exams, especially the review sessions. I failed all the practice exams for both CTA and ITC but I was never worried because I knew that after the review sessions I will have a proper understanding of what the question required from me. During my CTA and ITC journey I really felt like I was part of the Endunamoo family, and that they really care about their students. During exams they showed up at the exam centre with refreshments personalised with motivational words of success. The attention I received during ITC made me feel like I was the only student there. Both lecturers and the administration team are accessible via WhatsApp, on call and email.


  1. Advice to future candidates


I know most of us are lazy to write practice exams, but my advice is to just write, and you will thank yourself later. What you will get from Endunamoo is your money’s worth and more. Anything is possible with discipline, hard work and determination, but with a partner like Endunamoo by your side, you have eliminated all worries. If you do your part, a pass should be guaranteed.

Lerato Matshwane

  1. My CTA/ITC journey

I studied for my CTA qualification with Unisa over multiple attempts, during which I completed my articles, got signed off and struggled with unemployment (on/off contract jobs), while also facing personal issues. When this journey eventually ended – I was on my final attempt. At that point I was already researching other institutions that I could pursue the qualification with. To say it was a “pleasant surprise” to pass remains an understatement. My ITC journey then began, and my newly rekindled confidence took a knock as I did not pass on my first attempt. Life also handed me further lemons and I feared a repeat of my CTA turmoil. Endunamoo stepped in at the perfect time and I passed my January 2020 ITC.


  1. My experience with Endunamoo

The experience has been nothing short of thrilling in my Endunamoo journey. From the pro-active admin, accessibility of lecturers and the human element that was maintained through-out the academic programme to the very quality of teaching, I was hugely impressed. I am still thankful for the support and stellar service I was gifted; the value of the course is best described as a ‘family experience’ as everyone was personally invested in my success. The follow-ups when I could not keep up with the programme, supplies of academic material, quick turn-around time to queries and the commitment to ensuring that knowledge was imparted were appreciated. They saw the best in me and worked with this potential to reach greater heights.


  1. Advice to future candidates

While it is necessary to consider how those that have walked before us did it, we must always remember that no story is the same. We do not face the same struggles for the same reasons. May you surround yourself with support structures like this, that easily remind you of why you started and why you keep on. Above all, be kinder to yourself – I was not the ideal candidate because of the way we usually measure ‘hard work,’ but I am grateful to have made it this far, while still taking care of myself through it all.

Kim Naidoo

  1. Tell us about your ITC/CTA Journey:

The period during which I was studying towards my CTA qualification was an incredibly stressful time of my life. I always got close to passing but would miss it by one module. This was before my close friend Basani encouraged me to give Endunamoo a try – I must say this was the best study decision I have ever made. The people at Endunamoo are so friendly and caring. The conversations we would have at the coffee station were very enjoyable and made studying so much more enjoyable. I made so many friends at Endunamoo, all of whom went through their own life struggles but joined to conquer a common challenge that we all faced. I would get to Endunamoo at 06h00 and probably only leave around 22h00. This place was my second home and I never once felt as though I was unwelcomed. The staff would always approach Basani and I to check if we were okay or if we needed anything. The best thing about Endunamoo would be the support we received from our Lecturers. On numerous occasions Ferdi, Kumo and Rendani would catch us in the hallway to speak to us about our progress, check if we were coping or to just boost our spirits with words of encouragement. This really helped us move forward and continue pushing when fatigue started to kick in. Rendani, the CEO of Endunamoo is by far the very best there is in lecturing. He knows what students battle to comprehend and he makes it a priority to ensure that everyone in his class understand whatever it is that he is teaching. He is very patient and always goes back to the principles to make sure that it sticks with us. No matter how tight his schedule is he always made time to give his students one on one sessions and guide them before their exams. There were plenty of times that Basani and I would catch Rendani at 23h00 on a Sunday night to discuss problematic case studies and he would never refuse. He was a wonderful lecturer, and I am very grateful that I got a chance to be taught by him.


  1. Advice to Future ITC/CTA Candidates:

Follow the study program set by Endunamoo because they are experienced at what they do. Do not be afraid to ask the lecturers questions because they know a lot more than we do, and if you do not ask it would probably take longer for you to figure out on your own. It is never good to make assumptions. Use the study material given because it covers everything you need to know for the exam. Lastly, do the questions prescribed to you because these question and case studies are specially chosen to test specific areas that could help you in the exams. I would like to end by saying that choosing Endunamoo as support through your CA Journey is one of the best decisions you could make, and I am confident that it is one that you will not regret.

Hope Mutekwe

  1. Tell us about your ITC / CTA journey

After my first ITC attempt in 2019, I knew I was not prepared for the exam. When results came out, I had indeed failed. A friend of mine prompted me to register at Endunamoo, and that tuned out to be the best decision I had made that year. Our first class was Accounting, which had always been my weakest module. I was so amazed at what I learnt. The lecture was so comprehensive, the principles were explained in a remarkably simple way and I wondered why I had been struggling all along when Accounting seemed so simple. In a nutshell, I learnt more when I did the ITC Repeaters Course than I had learnt the previous three years of CTA. Fast forward to Jan 2020 when I was ready to write ITC, I felt well prepared. Though I wrote the first exam in panic mode, I remembered the message from the lecturers to always remain calm. My second paper was a bit of a breeze as the questions all seemed familiar. I felt Rendani and Kumu had prepared us so well for the last two papers we wrote, which brought me so much joy. After the last paper, I knew without a shadow of doubt that I had passed my ITC.


  1. Tell us about your experience with Endunamoo

Endunamoo is a definite game changer. The magic is in the simplicity of how everything is explained. It is in how they tell us not to overthink the required. It is in how we can make generic answers applicable to the scenario, and in Kumu’s word, “They will try to catch you in the scenario so be careful of those pilot answers.”


  1. Advice to future candidates

I am grateful to Endunamoo, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I cannot wait to walk the last mile of my CA(SA) journey with them.

Christina Mateisi


  1. Tell us about your ITC / CTA journey

It was one of the most emotionally taxing but surprisingly, lesson filled journeys I have ever taken in my life. I passed in 2020 after two unsuccessful attempts and could not have been any happier.


  1. Tell us about your experience with Endunamoo

I started at Endunamoo in 2019 after an unsuccessful first attempt in ITC, and there was an immediate impact in my studies. I also changed my emotional approach to the programme, and the lessons became a lot easier to follow. This was the final push I needed, and it could not have come at a better time. Endunamoo was an integral part of my ITC journey and for that, I will always be grateful.


  1. Advice to future candidates

The journey might be tumultuous and full of bumps, but it is always worth the trip.

Bulelani Nkosi

  1. Tell us about your ITC/CTA journey

My ITC journey was beyond a doubt the most challenging and humbling journey I have had in my short life. Looking back, the best part is that it went perfectly according to plan and included moments and new relationships that have gone beyond my greatest expectations.

Looking back, the journey was far from easy. The start of my CTA journey was marked by the end of nine years of undergrad. I had heard every negative comment you could imagine by this time and every single one rang in my head when I walked into Endunamoo for the first time. “Maybe he’s just not smart enough”. “Maybe he would have been better as an engineer”. I chose to silence the monsters, keep going and made a commitment that I would pass on my first attempt or give it all up. My first two tests in CTA level one were horrific. I had only managed to pass one subject. It was around this time I vocalized my commitment to Rendani who I had taken it upon myself to appoint as my mentor. However, commitment means nothing without action and so I went back to do some introspection over my journey so far and where I wanted to go. I learned that I had been allowing my results to determine who I was rather than allowing my process to determine my results. I had been so hung up on the failings of my past that I failed to focus on the many successes that could be in my future. This was the time I began to fall in love, not only with what I was learning but also the exhilaration of those “Eureka” moments. The result? For the first time since grade 7 History class, I scored 100% in a test.


  1. Tell us about your experience with Endunamoo

Endunamoo played a critical role in my new attitude towards learning, I was given room to make comments and ask questions that in my mind were gibberish, yet time-and-time again lecturers entertained my thoughts and allowed me to develop my ideas to the point of deeper understanding. I learned to be confident in myself and challenge the ideas of others. I learned to be myself and started pursuing my interests beyond CTA… Something with machine learning and artificial intelligence. I have not come across a single person who has understood why I chose to study that, even my own girlfriend. However, my mentor still encouraged my unique ways of thinking and viewing the world. This, I think, is the epitome of Endunamoo living up to their name, as I have been empowered with confidence in my strengths, weaknesses and vision. There is nothing I can say about my ITC journey that hasn’t already been said. In the end I was able to live up to my commitment and I am well on the way to being both a CA and a Data Scientist, and I have built a lifelong partnership with the team at Endunamoo.


  1. Advice to future candidates

My advice to candidates that kept me going through it all:

  1. Understand your why – When you understand your vision you start to understand your needs and you are able to identify the key resources for your success.
  1. Plan for that success – knowing where you want to be is not enough, what habits or routines can you develop to build towards it?
  2. Do not be afraid to ask questions or challenge ideas – when you make it known what you know or do not know, an opportunity is created to level the playing field.
  3. Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire – There is no cost that is too big for the path you have chosen. The late nights, the long hours, writing cramps, the missed birthdays and vacations… These are small investments in your own potential and the sooner you make the investment, the better the returns will be.
  4. Endunamoo has put together all the resources and an amazing team to guide their candidates through the trenches, while tirelessly innovating and finding new ways to help you reach your goals – Do not let those resources go to waste. Identify what you need and run with it!!