ITC Preparatory Course

ITC Preparatory Course is primarily a lecture, tutorial and assessment based programme primary aimed at offering support to the recently qualified UNISA CTA graduates, ITC repeating candidate and Thuthuka ITC candidates. The ITC Preparatory Course is the most comprehensive ITC preparatory programme in the country.

Additionally, for ITC repeating candidates, our primary focus is to assist candidates in understanding their shortfalls in previous ITC attempts and also empower them with the competencies and examination skills to be successful in their next ITC attempt.

Through our extensive experience with the UNISA CTA graduates and our intimate knowledge of ITC syllabus, we are able to offer a leading programme that adequately and extremely benefits UNISA CTA graduates and accelerate their learning for a successful attempt in ITC.

Benefits of ITC Preparatory Course

  • Comprehensive programme that helps them handle the transition from CTA to ITC
  • Lecture based classes in order to reinforce the key principles and concepts
  • Consistent practical applications of exam room strategies and techniques
  • Highly comprehensive tutorial programme aimed at application of theory
  • Professional compiled questions banks for all ITC disciplines
  • ITC simulated mock examinations and review sessions
  • Online access to all the CTA2021 lecture videos
  • Script review for ITC2020 unsuccessful attempt
  • Free courier of materials to any RSA address


Classes are held during the week from 18h00 to 21h30 (often on Tuesday – Thursday) and over the weekend from 08h00 to 15h30. The classes are also livestreamed on our networks at those times. Detailed timetable covering the term’s workload are provided before the beginning of each term. Please register a FREE user profile on our student portal to access the timetable.


Registration for ITC Preparatory Course opens a few weeks before the UNISA CTA results and/or ITC results. Candidates that register late shall have an opportunity to catch up through access to the recorded video sessions. Click here to register.


  RSA candidates International candidates, ex Zimbabwe candidates Zimbabwe candidates (excluding SA TAX offering)
ITC first time candidate R5 000 R5 000 R4 000
ITC repeating candidate, previously registered with Endunamoo Board Course R3 000 R3 000 R2 750
ITC repeating candidate, without script review R5 000 R5 000 R4 000
ITC repeating candidate, with script review R5 500 R5 500 R4 500
International courier fee R1 500 R1 500


A compact information pack about our ITC Programme is included in the brochure. Click here to download

Payment terms

Upon registration a non-refundable registration fee of 50% is payable and the balance is payable over two months until 31 March 2021. In addition, international candidates are required to pay an extra fee of up to R1 500 for the delivery of course materials across the border. This amount is payable in advance to cover the cost of shipping.

Hard copy material will only be shipped once the non-refundable registration deposit of 50% of the tuition fees is paid.

Contact us

For additional information, please contact Sizwe Nkosi at +27 67 722 6092 (Click on the number to send a WhatsApp) or +2768 584 4454 or email him at