Lerato Matshwane

Lerato Matshwane

  1. My CTA/ITC journey

I studied for my CTA qualification with Unisa over multiple attempts, during which I completed my articles, got signed off and struggled with unemployment (on/off contract jobs), while also facing personal issues. When this journey eventually ended – I was on my final attempt. At that point I was already researching other institutions that I could pursue the qualification with. To say it was a “pleasant surprise” to pass remains an understatement. My ITC journey then began, and my newly rekindled confidence took a knock as I did not pass on my first attempt. Life also handed me further lemons and I feared a repeat of my CTA turmoil. Endunamoo stepped in at the perfect time and I passed my January 2020 ITC.


  1. My experience with Endunamoo

The experience has been nothing short of thrilling in my Endunamoo journey. From the pro-active admin, accessibility of lecturers and the human element that was maintained through-out the academic programme to the very quality of teaching, I was hugely impressed. I am still thankful for the support and stellar service I was gifted; the value of the course is best described as a ‘family experience’ as everyone was personally invested in my success. The follow-ups when I could not keep up with the programme, supplies of academic material, quick turn-around time to queries and the commitment to ensuring that knowledge was imparted were appreciated. They saw the best in me and worked with this potential to reach greater heights.


  1. Advice to future candidates

While it is necessary to consider how those that have walked before us did it, we must always remember that no story is the same. We do not face the same struggles for the same reasons. May you surround yourself with support structures like this, that easily remind you of why you started and why you keep on. Above all, be kinder to yourself – I was not the ideal candidate because of the way we usually measure ‘hard work,’ but I am grateful to have made it this far, while still taking care of myself through it all.