Lerato Seale

Lerato Seale

  1. Tell us about your ITC/CTA journey


I heard about Endunamoo for the first time in 2019 when I attended an induction at SNG Grant Thornton Pretoria, where they presented their services. I did not enrol as I could not afford it, but I qualified to be part of the bootcamp programme provided by Endunamoo. The bootcamp really enlightened me and gave me a deeper understanding of some of the topics I thought I understood very well. I was given materials that made UNISA’s exams a walk in the park. The material received was very comprehensive and understandable. The practice exams prepared me for my final exams, and the lecturers were patient and explained topics clearly – those were the best classes.  I passed my exams 1st attempt and did not have any supplementary exam. So, I decided to enrol with Endunamoo again for ITC. I remember very well the MAC question I saw in the ITC exam that we addressed during classes. I could picture Rendani explaining that question himself. Basically, what I learnt in ITC was how to structure my answers and exam technique. I passed my ITC 1st attempt as well. What still amazes me even today is the fact that my CTA level 2 results are way better than level 1 results, which is meant to be the opposite as level 1 is considered easier than level 2. I studied level 1 by myself and level 2 exam preparations with Endunamoo – that’s how great they are!



  1. Tell us about your experience with Endunamoo


Endunamoo is an amazing institution with great lecturers and the best structure for revision. I really loved the practice exams, especially the review sessions. I failed all the practice exams for both CTA and ITC but I was never worried because I knew that after the review sessions I will have a proper understanding of what the question required from me. During my CTA and ITC journey I really felt like I was part of the Endunamoo family, and that they really care about their students. During exams they showed up at the exam centre with refreshments personalised with motivational words of success. The attention I received during ITC made me feel like I was the only student there. Both lecturers and the administration team are accessible via WhatsApp, on call and email.


  1. Advice to future candidates


I know most of us are lazy to write practice exams, but my advice is to just write, and you will thank yourself later. What you will get from Endunamoo is your money’s worth and more. Anything is possible with discipline, hard work and determination, but with a partner like Endunamoo by your side, you have eliminated all worries. If you do your part, a pass should be guaranteed.