Liso Mhlandeni

Liso Mhlandeni

Tell us about your ITC/CTA journey

Doing ITC with Endunamoo was an easy choice as I did CTA with them. After passing 4 modules in the 2018 final exams, I got a supplementary for FAC 4863; I had expected this as my performance in the exam was not so good. I picked myself up and wrote the sup in January and to my disappointment, I failed the supp. This was my third attempt, but I had to pick myself up and register again for the fourth time. In my 2019 academic year, someone advised me to get my script remarked. Before I could write Test 4, I got my remark back saying I had passed FAC4863 and I did not need to continue with the 2019 academic year which was wonderful for me as I was extremely drained with work.


  1. Tell us about your experience with Endunamoo

My experience with Endunamoo was one of the most valuable experiences in my life; the teaching passion from the Lecturers makes the learning very much easy. I have always maintained that the only way to master an exam technique is through a lot of practice, and Endunamoo does a sterling job at this through the preparatory tests and the subsequent test reviews, which allows candidates to reflect on themselves and how they can improve and master their exam technique. I believe this is the only way to conquer exams. Further-on, the accessibility of the lecturers whenever you need them to assist you is one of the successful techniques that Endunamoo prides itself in and as such, I am very much grateful for this. The passion Endunamoo has to change students’ lives goes beyond as they have also opened their campus to their students whenever they need to study. This makes studying easier as studying at home for some people can be a major challenge, especially during exam time.


  1. Advice to future candidates

My advice to future candidates is to believe in yourself as this will make learning much easier and interesting. Amongst other things, the following are one of the few strategies you can apply as an aid to your success:

  1. Take some time just to organise your material before studying (maybe 3 days or so), nothing is more frustrating as having your study material all over or worse, not even finding it.
  2. Know your strengths and weaknesses in all modules. This will help you to be very efficient in your studying as you will know the arear of focus.
  3. DO NOT spot; study everything
  4. Practice questions under strict exam technique as this will help you with concentration, time management and exam pressure
  5. Please try and not change study times. I know I cannot study during the night. I prefer the day. If your system is working, there is no need to change it.