Mathapelo Kalaote

Mathapelo Kalaote

1.     Tell us about your ITC / CTA journey

I started my undergraduate degree a few years after completing matric as I started pursuing a different career immediately after matric. Deciding to pursue the Chartered Accountancy profession seemed right and very organic given my exposure to accounting in high school. I fell off the CA stream at the end of my second year (I honestly could have tried harder to remain in the CA stream). I proceeded to graduating with a non-CA stream Accounting degree. I had a bursary and had to honour my obligation after obtaining my degree as the company was not funding Postgraduate studies. I registered for BCTA at UJ in my first year of my finance graduate programme. I had to repeat BCTA the following year and finished the year off with a supplementary exam for one module. The supplementary exam was a few days before my wedding and even though I convinced myself that I was preparing for the exam I was overwhelmed with excitement and last-minute preparations. I ended up failing my supplementary exam. I then registered for CTA at Monash the following year which I was enrolled to complete over two years with the option of converting to one year if my mid-year marks were satisfactory. During the second round of tests, I fell terribly ill and could not write two out of the four tests. This was when I found out that I was pregnant, and I decided to deregister and try again the following year. I tried registering the following year but did not get accepted into the course as Monash had applied stricter entry requirements. That was a blessing in disguise as I took a break to spend time with my bundle of joy. The following year I applied at Unisa and got accepted for Level 2, I made a conscious decision not to register for any support classes as this would have been too demanding as I had to also devote time to my demanding job, infant and husband. My CTA year was emotionally challenging. I honestly got through it by God’s grace. I had a supplementary exam for Groups and managed to pass it. I wrote the 2019 June ITC and honestly thought I’d pass. I was devastated when I received the “We regret to inform you…” SAICA message. I immediately felt incompetent and that stripped away most of my confidence. I then decided to register with Endunamoo for the January 2020 ITC and that was the best decision of my life. I realised that I had a few knowledgeable gaps and they assisted in helping me bridge those. They also helped instil that confidence that was gone.

2.     Tell us about your experience with Endunamoo

I knew I had to trust the process and do what they said we must do. I took it upon myself to also draw inspiration and encouragement from past Endunamoo candidates who had managed to pass their ITC and ensured that I’m plugged into the student community at Endunamoo. Encouragement and support were essential, but most importantly, faith is what got me through the toughest times. Consistency is key.

3.     Advice to future candidates

Endunamoo has truly been a gift because they are set apart in the way they approach their programmes. They have the passion and heart for developing others and provide us with quality lecturers and excellent learning tools to reach our potential. With Endunamoo, you are in safe hands. It was an easy decision to trust them with my APC journey.