Thenjiwe Shazi

Tell us about your ITC / CTA journey I started CTA level 1 and passed in 2015. In 2016 I went to level 2 but failed. I repeated in 2017 with a high determination to pass as a lot was at stake. My job was on the line and I had given birth at the […]

Nomusa Masuku

Tell us about your ITC/CTA journey The toughest journey of my life was CTA, but Endunamoo made it bearable. During CTA, I caught up with Endunamoo at the very last minute, exam revision time. As short as the time spent with them was, it was a critical time. Albeit I passed my CTA. I then […]

Mathapelo Kalaote

1.     Tell us about your ITC / CTA journey I started my undergraduate degree a few years after completing matric as I started pursuing a different career immediately after matric. Deciding to pursue the Chartered Accountancy profession seemed right and very organic given my exposure to accounting in high school. I fell off the […]

Liso Mhlandeni

Tell us about your ITC/CTA journey Doing ITC with Endunamoo was an easy choice as I did CTA with them. After passing 4 modules in the 2018 final exams, I got a supplementary for FAC 4863; I had expected this as my performance in the exam was not so good. I picked myself up and […]

Lerato Seale

Tell us about your ITC/CTA journey   I heard about Endunamoo for the first time in 2019 when I attended an induction at SNG Grant Thornton Pretoria, where they presented their services. I did not enrol as I could not afford it, but I qualified to be part of the bootcamp programme provided by Endunamoo. […]

Lerato Matshwane

My CTA/ITC journey I studied for my CTA qualification with Unisa over multiple attempts, during which I completed my articles, got signed off and struggled with unemployment (on/off contract jobs), while also facing personal issues. When this journey eventually ended – I was on my final attempt. At that point I was already researching other […]