Thenjiwe Shazi

Thenjiwe Shazi

Tell us about your ITC / CTA journey

I started CTA level 1 and passed in 2015. In 2016 I went to level 2 but failed. I repeated in 2017 with a high determination to pass as a lot was at stake. My job was on the line and I had given birth at the beginning of the year, but still I failed. I remember when I saw my results, I felt like it was the end of the world. The thought of having to tell my parents that I will be coming back home as I had lost my job shuttered me. Beginning of 2018 I was not sure if I should register because I was no longer required to study by an employer, but I knew I still wanted to be a CA, so I registered. I finally passed after writing Supplementary exams in Jan 2019. I wrote ITC June 2019 and failed, which was a bit surprising because I thought I had passed.


  1. Tell us about your experience with Endunamoo

When I joined Endunamoo, I already knew my weaknesses, so they really assisted me with acquiring exam technique, and focusing on the technicality of the topics scoped in by SAICA. Endunamoo makes sure you understand topics from basics to integration level. Furthermore, I was quite impressed by how easy it was to communicate with lectures. They would go beyond the question asked to make sure that you understand clearly. I went to my exam with confidence.


  1. Advice to future candidates

Follow the schedule/ timetable. Practice a lot but prioritize quality over quantity. You need to be honest with yourself. Identify areas you lack on and address them. On the day of the exam, be positive and tell yourself you are going to pass. Your brain will support you in fighting for a pass.